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Hans Gutknecht: Vocals, Guitars
Philipp Gutbrod: Drums, Vocals

The breadth and scope of Career Club's classic left of center influences hits as novelГ‘their innovative touches and twists on indie rock, post-punk, and power pop found on their new album, "Pure Hearing" injects a freshness to the scene. Featuring Hans Gutknecht on guitar and lead vocals and Philipp Gutbrod on drums, the band was originally formed in 2005 by Hans with Jens Carstensen on bass. Drummer Lisa Klimkiewicz joined the band shortly after. The band has now found strength as a duo, with Hans' dynamic strumming paired with Philipp Gutbrod on drums. Hans, who had worked as an engineer at R&B producer Dallas Austin's studio in Atlanta, has been a successful songwriter, licensing music for film and TV. And Gutbrod's technically innovative and imaginative style complements him perfectly, bringing a new force to the band's already potent songs. Raised in Germany, Gutbrod has been a lifelong student of percussion with experience playing in clubs and festivals all over Europe. His fluency in both rock and jazz has given Career Club a rhythmic sensibility that distinguishes them from other indie acts.

Career Club expertly evokes the slash and burn tone of Sonic Youth's Sister, the pop sensibility of Big Star's #1 Record, and the driving attack of bands like Husker Dü and Mission of Burma. But the excellence found within is all their own.

The band has spent a couple of years on the NYC circuit, playing clubs like Cake Shop, Mercury Lounge, Southpaw, and The Delancey, and in November of 2007, went into the studio with producer Jay Braun (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Fiery Furnaces) to record their second album. Braun's partnership with the band was an enormous contribution. Hans says, "We came in with a heap of new songs, but thought we were only going to record five and instead, we ended up doing nine songs. Jay's view of us as a rock band helped us realize what we're capable of."

And from the opening riff of "Old Fashioned," it's clear that Career Club is a rock band. Philipp's galloping and careening drums and the drive of Hans' rhythm guitar, combined with the innate melodic sensibility of Hans' vocals creates a song that results in an irresistible modern slice of hard-edged power pop. "Hold A Candle" displays the band's ability to have dark-hued rock live happily with Big Star-influenced catchiness. With a nod to Thurston Moore in his vocal, Hans sings with an undeniable cool and passion, and with Philipp's propulsive drums behind him, it's a song impossible not to be swept up in. Also immensely catchy, "Jenny's On The Stereo" boasts unforgettable guitar hooks with a richly textured sheen, while Philipp's jazz-inspired drums further etches the song into the listener's mind.

The band is currently readying itself to hit the road. The music has already inspired enough of a clamor in Germany that they may soon be touring there. With Pure Hearing, it's clear that Career Club has all the tools necessary to make it work to an enormous degree.